Below is a list of resources provided by each of our podcasts guests to help you further your journey and expand knowledge on topics they discussed within the podcast.

Season 1

Sarah Bratt

DeLores Pressley

  • Books – only available directly through her website 
    • Believe in the Power of You
    • Oh Yes You Can
    • Clean Out the Closets of Your Life
    • How to Live a Marvelous Life

Trisha (Trish) Downing

Sara Harvey

Joni Marra

Teri Griege

Tesha Fritzgerald

Kim Kucinich

  • Books
    • The 11 Practices to Awaken the Wisdom Within
  • Website

Shelley Cull

Rebekah Chilcote

Betsy Muller

Season 2

Laura Geidman

Sarah Chahey to find a community of women travelers

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