Jennasis Speaks exists to educate, empower, and encourage women of all ages, experience, and backgrounds who have stories to share. The culture of collective vulnerability and acceptance fosters transformative, sustainable change at the personal, familial, and community levels. Not only do we plant the seeds of transformation, but we tend to it with educational, informational, and ongoing support through our inclusive programming, coaching, products, and services.  

The Jennasis Speaks weekly podcast is hosted by Jennifer Malcolm, Founder and CEO of Jennasis & Associates. Guests share and highlight their stories of perseverance, empowerment, triumph, and vulnerability on their paths to passion and purpose—and help you gain the inspiration to seek your own. The podcast covers topics such as education, motherhood, adoption, society, business, and entrepreneurship. 

Our History

Jennasis Speaks began in 2020 when the founder, Jennifer Malcolm, ran with her vision of beginning a ripple effect of transformation and healing by giving women a platform to tell their stories. She saw the immense impact of not just sharing a story, but in the ripple effect that sharing one’s story had on so many other voices waiting to be unlocked. By the end of 2020, it became obvious that women were being served and forever changed by simply telling their story. A vision became a movement.

By 2021, Jennasis Speaks officially became an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and public charity. We are working hard at reaching more people far and wide, sparking transformative healing, and empowering women everywhere to become who they are meant to be. Join the movement, and watch what your own ripple effect can do.