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Jennasis Speaks is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer

Hi, I’m Jennifer—a business owner, wife, mother, and women’s business coach.

I’m also a serial entrepreneur whose story is driven by a desire to overcome devastating trauma and overwhelming obstacles to have it all: a family I could nurture, a thriving career, and a drive to live a life of passion and purpose.

My experiences have enabled me to build authentic relationships with other women and to help connect and inspire them to find their own paths to passion and purpose.

Now I want to work with you and help you tell your inspiring story to the world.

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What Our Community Says

  • The Jennasis speaks podcast gives a bold, challenging and compassionate voice to the stories of women in all walks of life. From the struggles of motherhood, to discussing racial issues there is something for every woman and man to learn from this podcast. Jennifer Malcolm and her guests provide their listeners with truth, love and humor through honest, transparent conversations. So put on your walking shoes or grab a cup of coffee and settle in with Jennifer and her friends to be encouraged and affirmed and hopefully motivated to share your own story!
    Missy Walker
  • Jennasis Speaks is an amazing compilation of strong women fighting through silence to share their stories of triumph over trauma and traumatic experiences. It also includes stories of women who help others heal. Being part of the tribe of women sharing a story is fulfilling as much as it is powerful to hear how others have overcome hardship with grace and grit. For centuries women have suffered in silence from shame and that ends now – thanks in part to the bold vision and commitment of Jennifer Malcolm and the entire Jennasis team.
    Laura Steinbrink

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