Gratitude to the Woman Behind the Movement

With Dr. Chad Malcolm and Friends.

We wanted to wish our founder and visionary, Jennifer Malcolm, a happy birthday today! Thank you for creating a space for women to share their stories and begin to heal….

Healing: Committing to Lifelong Wholeness

With Erin Longmoon.

Erin Longmoon had a tumultuous childhood filled with multiple types of abuse. She has since become the ancestral abuse breaker for her family and strives to change the narrative for…

Breathing Belief into the Next Generation

With Katie Novak.

Do not let anyone tell you what you are capable of. Do not let anyone limit you. Listen to our guest, Katie Novak, who went from an average student to…

Piecing Together an Unexpected Picture

With with Susie Liberatore.

Susie Liberatore is the Founder and Art Director of Visions2images Creative Services. For the last decade she has personally been instrumental in bridging the gap between the global digital market…

Creating a Space to Make Memories

With With Megan Gargano.

Megan Gargano is a native of Cleveland, Ohio where she co-founded a nonprofit dance company and school, The Movement Project in 2009, whose mission is to challenge perspectives, evoke social…

Season Four Preview

With with Jennifer Malcolm and Amy Stack.

Season 4 kicks off with a homecoming of sorts! Founder, Jennifer Malcolm, explains the direction of season 4, coming back home to the heart of the Jennasis movement. Jenn is…

Shaping Your Future

With Gina Nicola.

From a young age, Gina Nicola knew she was different. In third grade, she realized she liked girls and not boys. Then when she was 12, her younger brother was…

Leading, Living, & Leaving a Legacy

With Chinetha Hall.

For Chinetha Hall, surviving COVID-19 wasn’t enough. It became her mission to educate and empower the youth in Northeast Ohio to become allies in stopping the spread of this virus….

Healing Arts

With Hilary Gent.

Artist Hilary Gent knows the heartache of losing a child to miscarriage. Every time she hoped, every time she grieved. But her healing didn’t truly begin until she had a…

Fit to Feel Confident

With Jessica Vaiana.

A college athlete and lifelong lover of sports and fitness, Jessica Vaiana was on her way to medical school to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, when she…

Lending a Hand for Hope

With Natalie Leek.

As CEO of crisis nursery  Providence House, Natalie Leek knows firsthand about the differences between poor parenting and parenting while poor. She believes many of the moms who turn to…

The 4 P’s of Loving Yourself

With Rev. Carrie Hudson.

Carrie Hudson was 17 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her illness was her first step in her journey to living an authentic life. For Carrie, living authentically…

Look & Listen: How to Extend Compassion Toward Others

With Gail Stumphauzer.

When Gail Stumphauzer lost her 29-year-old daughter Margeau to the effects of an eating disorder, she lost the drive that carried her through a successful social services career. She couldn’t…

Believing and Achieving

With Dr. Thea Wilson.

When Dr. Thea Wilson sees a family in trouble, she doesn’t see a child without hope or a parent without skills. She sees people who need help to heal so…

Restore. Reset. Reveal Your Spirit

With Dr. Mirriam Knight-Wilson.

Dr. Mirriam Knight-Wilson is doing something she’s never done before: She’s taking a break. It’s a huge step for a woman driven by a need to get things done. Over…

Breaking the Secrets and the Silence

With Susan Warner Taylor.

For years, Susan Warner Taylor felt that something about her was off-kilter. It was as if some shadow in her past hovered over her present. For decades, Susan struggled to…

Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Jennasis Speaks

With Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

April marks the 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Jennasis Speaks founder and podcast host Jennifer Malcolm discusses what this month represents for women everywhere, including sharing her own…

Unshackling Shame to Find Freedom

With Paula Williams.

Paula Williams knows shame takes many forms. There’s the shame she was made to feel as she sat in a dark confessional booth. She disclosed her  “wrongdoing” in a whisper….

Bei-Rooted in Truth & Power

With Elizabeth Hanna.

Elizabeth “Liz” Hanna does not take “No” for an answer. “No” was not the answer when she decided to pursue her childhood dream of studying the Middle East and living…

Stretching Time to Find the “Me Hour”

With Denisha Parker.

Here’s what struck Denisha Parker when she started practicing yoga as a way to decompress: She was one of the only women of color in her daily classes. As she…

Finding New Roads

With Sarah Chahy.

Sarah Chahy believed in keeping her options open. She relished new and interesting opportunities, always thinking there would be time enough for experiences such as starting a family. Keeping her options…

Unapologetic Warrior

With Jennifer Malcolm.

Jennifer Malcolm begins Season 2 by continuing to share about her past. Jennifer adopted a perfectionist mentality at a young age and grappled with it throughout her teenage years and…

A Child’s Legacy: Healing Grief with Hope

With Christi Tripodi.

Losing their lively, lovable three-year-old son 20 years ago to an unexpected illness changed everything for Christi and Mark Tripodi. Their grief seemed overwhelming and endless, particularly during the holiday…

A Heart of Gratitude

With Jennifer and Chad Malcolm.

On this special Thanksgiving episode, Jennifer Malcolm sits down with the “wind in her sails” husband, Chad Malcolm. It’s all about family, love, growth, and the future of happiness. Hear…

Happy Warrior: Bringing Joy to the Fight Against Cancer

With Wendy Ladley.

Wendy Ladley’s oncologist looks forward to her appointments with him for an unlikely reason: Wendy always makes him laugh. That’s no small accomplishment, given that Wendy’s illness is no laughing…

Guided by Faith and Love in a LGBTQIA+ Life

With Rebekah Chilcote.

Rebekah Chilcote has always believed she is a child of God. Her faith led her to provide art therapy for Zimbabwean children dying of AIDS. Faith continued to carry her…

A New Reflection – Restoring Self Image

With Shelley Cull.

Shelley Cull had it all and did it all, and then some: She’s a business startup dynamo, obtained her business degree at age 50, and raised a family. 

The Healing Power of Clinical Hypnotherapy

With Joni Marra.

Jennifer Malcolm interviews a clinical hypnotherapist and breath therapist, Joni Marra, who helps her clients confront and shed those experiences that are holding them back.

Overcoming Invisible Loss

With Natasha Kossler.

Natasha Kossler shares her story of overcoming heartbreaking miscarriages, stillbirth, and the challenges of adoption to finally realize her dream as a mother of five.

Broken to Beautiful: A Survival Story

With Amy Stack.

Amy Stack found a way to work through her brokenness to give back to the world and become a mother of 7 children, one of which has special needs.

From Nice Girl to Courageous Leader

With Sara Harvey.

Sara is the founder of Innertelligence, where she coaches and trains leaders and leadership teams to tap into their potential and develop courage and confidence in their abilities.

Shifting Gears and Growing Through Adversity

With Tricia Downing.

Jennifer Malcolm interviews Tricia Downing – athlete, community leader, and disability advocate.  20 years ago Tricia experienced a life-changing event, now she speaks on resiliency in the face of adversity. 

Girl Boss Power for the She Elevates™ Generation

With DeLores Pressley.

Jennifer Malcolm interviews DeLores Pressley, a powerful speaker and motivator, and dives into the importance of her work empowering young girls. DeLores is the CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide and…

Our Blessed Hot Mess Adoption Journey

With Sarah Bratt.

Jennifer Malcolm interviews Sarah Bratt, an adoptive mother of three beautiful Ethiopian girls. Sarah shares about her journey of adoption and lessons learned along the way. Sarah explains what “disruptive…

Who Am I? A Struggle With Biracial Identity

With Rizpah Waytes.

Rizpah Waytes, a long-time Jennasis team member, joins Jennifer for a powerful discussion on being a bi-racial woman in a world highly influenced by race. We dive into Rizpah’s unfiltered…

New Beginnings and The Why

With Jennifer Malcolm.

Jennifer Malcolm launches a lifelong dream with the Jennifer Speaks podcast. She is interviewed by Kelly Waite, Chief Strategy Officer at Jennasis & Associates. Jennifer shares why she created this…