Fit to Feel Confident

With Jessica Vaiana.

Fit to Feel Confident

A college athlete and lifelong lover of sports and fitness, Jessica Vaiana was on her way to medical school to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, when she was invited to intern at Train 4 The Game at the University of Texas. 

She fell in love with the training program and realized that more than anything in life, she just wanted to help others reach their full potential – especially women. Jessica’s philosophy is that working moms, female athletes, and women of all ages, have the ability to be great and be in charge of their own lives when they push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Jessica hopes to encourage women from all walks of life to put themselves first, physically and mentally. Jessica wants nothing more than for her clients to walk out of their training sessions energized, confident, and ready to take on whatever life throws at them.

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