Look & Listen: How to Extend Compassion Toward Others

With Gail Stumphauzer.

Look & Listen: How to Extend Compassion Toward Others

When Gail Stumphauzer lost her 29-year-old daughter Margeau to the effects of an eating disorder, she lost the drive that carried her through a successful social services career.

She couldn’t stop thinking about how her daughter struggled with her demons. Margeau was haunted by feelings of inadequacy that kept her from seeing her strengths.

Gail decided to turn her grief into action by creating “ Free to Be” dedicated to Margeau’s memory. “Free to Be” encourages women to accept themselves for the strong women they are and help other women to do the same.

Gail joins Jennifer Malcolm on the next Jennasis Speaks podcast to talk about growing through grief and empowering others.

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