A Child’s Legacy: Healing Grief with Hope

With Christi Tripodi.

A Child’s Legacy: Healing Grief with Hope

Losing their lively, lovable three-year-old son 20 years ago to an unexpected illness changed everything for Christi and Mark Tripodi. Their grief seemed overwhelming and endless, particularly during the holiday season. Struggling to keep going, the Tripodis sought counseling. They found that people with limited means had few resources to help them work through the heavy burden that grief brings. Driven by their experience and to honor their little boy, the Tripodis in 2003 launched the non-profit organization Cornerstone of Hope. Since then, Cornerstone has served more than 37,000 grieving children, teens, adults, and families. Christi shares her and Mark’s personal journey through grief to providing guidance as a tribute to the little boy they lost.




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