Creating a Space to Make Memories

With With Megan Gargano.

Creating a Space to Make Memories

Megan Gargano is a native of Cleveland, Ohio where she co-founded a nonprofit dance company and school, The Movement Project in 2009, whose mission is to challenge perspectives, evoke social change and bridge communities through the power of movement. In 2012, Megan received her BFA in Performance and Choreography from Ohio University School of Dance, as well as furthered her studies at the Laban Centre’s summer intensive in Greenwich, London. In 2021 The Movement Project relocated to a newly renovated studio in Fairview Park where they offer year round programming for professional and youth dancers.
In 2012, Megan and her husband Anthony purchased a farmhouse in Richfield Ohio where they enjoy their time outside with their boxer dog Penny Lane. In 2018, Megan and Anthony were expecting their first child Luna Serafine, but sadly their daughter was born still on June 18th, 2019. Through their grief and love for their daughter, they worked with Cleveland Clinic Akron General to build The Butterfly Suite, a space designed to support families suffering the loss of a baby. The Butterfly Suite officially opened April 29th, 2022. During the process of building the suite, Megan and Anthony welcomed to the world their baby boy Arlo on October 15, 2020.

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