Season Four Preview

With with Jennifer Malcolm and Amy Stack.

Season Four Preview

Season 4 kicks off with a homecoming of sorts! Founder, Jennifer Malcolm, explains the direction of season 4, coming back home to the heart of the Jennasis movement. Jenn is interviewed by Amy Stack, former podcast guest and production assistant, and shares the heart behind the interviews that make up Jennasis Speaks, Season 4. We are returning to our roots: to give women a place to share their stories, be vulnerable, continue the healing process, and be a spark that fan the flames of growth in other women. Jenn also shares about her vision to continue working with the Jennasis Speaks audience apart from the podcast, creating growth and accountability opportunities in the very near future. Listen in as Jenn and Amy discuss what this season’s guests have to share about things such as infant loss, anxiety, overcoming sexual abuse, surviving diagnoses, and overcoming expectations.

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