From Secret to Superpower: The Unsealed with Lauren Brill

With Lauren Brill.

From Secret to Superpower: The Unsealed with Lauren Brill

Lauren Brill had it all. Talented, smart and beautiful, she carved a successful career as a television sportscaster, thriving in a male-dominated industry. 

She also had a secret only her family knew: As a teenager, two strangers drugged her and sexually assaulted her. For more than a decade, Lauren carried her secret. Then, motivated by a desire to help other women carrying similar secrets, she told her story in an open letter posted on the ABC website. Stunned by the response, Lauren launched an online platform where people post their own unsealed letters, share their own painful truths, and find community. 

Lauren joins Jennifer Malcolm for this week’s episode of Jennasis Speaks to talk about creating an online community where sharing open letters encourages strength and compassion.


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