Happy Warrior: Bringing Joy to the Fight Against Cancer

With Wendy Ladley.

Happy Warrior: Bringing Joy to the Fight Against Cancer

Wendy Ladley’s oncologist looks forward to her appointments with him for an unlikely reason: Wendy always makes him laugh.

That’s no small accomplishment, given that Wendy’s illness is no laughing matter. She is among the 6% of women breast cancer patients who have metastatic breast cancer (MBC) when they are first diagnosed. There is no cure. Wendy knows the odds are against her. By the time her cancer was diagnosed, it had spread to her liver and her bones. She knows she will be in treatment for the rest of her life.

But she also believes she has been blessed with the gift of joy. That joy lets her find the humor in her situation and the strength to confront her illness with hope. That joy helps her share her experience, drawing women’s attention to MBC and encouraging the medical industry to support MBC research.

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