Restore. Reset. Reveal Your Spirit

With Dr. Mirriam Knight-Wilson.

Restore. Reset. Reveal Your Spirit

Dr. Mirriam Knight-Wilson is doing something she’s never done before: She’s taking a break.

It’s a huge step for a woman driven by a need to get things done.

Over the past seven years, Mirriam married and moved to the United States from South Africa, earned her doctorate in psychology, was a professor at the Los Angeles-based Chicago School of Professional Psychologists, became a certified transformational coach and a therapist, while serving as co-pastor of Liberation Church with her husband and leading a popular women’s ministry. 

Amid the busyness of her days, Mirriam realized she had something in common with women in her ministry. Like them, she was exhausted. She had emotional wounds that she needed to heal before she could heal others. 

Mirriam joins Jennifer Malcolm for Jennasis Speaks to talk about stepping back and taking time to refresh and reset. It’s an important lesson for any woman who needs a moment to rediscover their strength.


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