Believing & Becoming: The Journey of a Business Savvy- Black-Woman-Entrepreneur

With Ashlee Ammons.

Believing & Becoming: The Journey of a Business Savvy- Black-Woman-Entrepreneur

If nothing else, Ashlee Ammons knows how to power her way through life’s pivots and over hurdles. Consider this:

  • Despite zero technology experience, Ashlee and her mother Kerry Schrader successfully launched startup Mixtroz, an event software company. They raised more than $1 million in pre-seed funding, joining the prestigious list of top Black females raising funds.
  • Even as they were launching Mixtroz, Ashlee and her mother overcame mental health and physical health challenges.
  • They persevered even as the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the event industry by pivoting to a virtual-only business model.

On this episode, Ashlee joins Jennifer Malcolm to discuss entrepreneurship, taking risks, making change, and overcoming the odds.


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