Stopping the Madness: How A Daughter’s Discovery Sparked Transformation

Kim Kucinich thought she knew everything about her mother. They shared memories of the domestic violence and drug abuse that her mother had endured and that Kim had witnessed. They shared the experience of leaving abuse behind and coping with the emotional aftermath. When Kim found a way to dispel her lingering pain, she shared the experience with her mother. 

But after her mother died, Kim unearthed her mother’s true stories in a book she had drafted. What Kim learned changed the trajectory of her life.

Founder of You Can Stop the Madness, Kim tells her story of transformation in an episode of the podcast Jennasis Speaks: The Transformative Power of Womens’ Stories—including how her mother’s secret launched her career as a personal coach and inspirational speaker

3 Core Principles to “You Can Stop the Madness

Kim’s inventory of her mother’s life led to her own personal inventory. She came to realize that, like her mother, she wasn’t living a full and fulfilling life. She felt as if she was always pretending all was well in her personal life and her professional life.

However, the truth was that she was struggling to find her way.

Kim realized she needed help. And after working with a personal coach, Kim concluded that her true trajectory lay in helping others as she had been helped. 

Now a successful personal coach and inspirational speaker, Kim uses her life experience to teach others to find their personal power and path to fulfillment. She relies on a few core principles in her own life and in her work with others:

  • You give away power when you let others define your success
  • Say “Yes” to what’s possible
  • Start by taking the next step, and then the next step

Kim often thinks of her mother as she continues her own emotional journey and her work helping others. 

Her mother had dreams that she couldn’t turn into reality, and Kim remembers that in her work. She thinks about her mother when she talks about change being hard and when she explains that everyone makes their own journey past their fears and into happiness.

Ultimately, through her work, Kim honors her mother’s memory by remembering the strength and determination she showed to do the best for her daughter—even if she couldn’t do the best for herself. 

Connection through Storytelling

By sharing her mother’s story, as well as her own personal healing and path to a new life trajectory, Kim strives to help others understand and achieve their personal and professional goals. She shares her experiences and her passion in an episode of the Jennasis Speaks podcast, now live.

Jennasis Speaks is a platform that empowers women to safely share their stories, promoting healing and growth through the power of collective vulnerability and acceptance. Believing that “Every woman has a story… and every story matters,” founder Jennifer Malcolm hosts a new guest each week to tell her story on the Jennasis Speaks podcastand invites listeners to connect to help find their own paths to passion and purpose.

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