Who Am I? A Struggle With Biracial Identity

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has heightened the focus on conversations around racial disparities in the United States—and highlighted the deep divides still prevalent within our communities.

Raised by a black father and a white mother, Rizpah Waytes, 23, says she is no stranger to feeling the conflicts of such racial divides.

In the Jennasis Speaks podcast episode “Who Am I? A Struggle With Biracial Identity,” Rizpah—who goes by Riz—shares her unfiltered experience growing up feeling torn between her parent’s racial identities in a society that either assumes, or demands, one or the other. She says she’s spent much of her life struggling over how to self identify, and questioning whether she, as a biracial woman, has the right to speak up about racial parity.

However Riz credits the explosion of the BLM movement as a defining moment for her that’s helped her find purpose.

Throughout the podcast episode, Riz gives us insight into her journey to define what being biracial means for her, and finding her own voice amidst the many weighing in on BLM. She’s found both passion and identity in “doing the work behind the scenes” to help move the needle for the movement forward.

Listen to Riz’s Story Firsthand

Regardless of listeners’ background, Riz’s story speaks to the power we all hold within us to express our voice in a way that supports our authentic selves—even when it’s not easy.

To hear her vulnerable and inspirational story firsthand, download the episode of the Jennasis Speaks podcast, now live.

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