The Power of Sharing Stories of Sexual Assault

This year, April brought more than just its usual spring showers and blossoming flowers. At Jennasis Speaks, our hearts and minds were fulfilled and inspired in ways we never imagined possible thanks to our brave and beautiful guests.

This April marked the 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the United States, a major milestone for survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. To continue to acknowledge, hear, and relieve the stigma that has crippled victims of sexual assault for decades is a step in the right direction. It was important for us at Jennasis Speaks to follow through with the month’s mission of spreading awareness, so it became our mission to highlight the traumatic, painful, and hopeful stories our guests were willing to share.

Jennasis Speaks founder and podcast host, Jennifer Malcolm, has experienced sexual assault herself. In fact, it was through hearing other women’s stories of abuse, assault, harassment, and trauma, that she felt brave enough to speak up and share her own. It’s important for Jennifer to continue to share her personal experience in the hopes that it will have a positive impact on others. It’s equally important for her to offer a safe platform for other women to join the movement, feel vulnerable, and heal.

5 Jennasis Speaks Podcast Episodes About Sexual Assault

If you’re struggling to cope with the long-lasting effects of sexual trauma, you are not alone. Whether you’re a survivor, a loved one of a survivor, or a curious listener seeking more information and ways to help, our April podcast episodes are here to guide, inspire, and support.

  1. Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Jennasis Speaks
    Jennifer kicked off the month with an episode discussing the importance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She also shared sexual assault statistics, resources for sexual assault prevention, and resources for survivors and their loved ones. 
  2. From Secret to Superpower: The Unsealed, with Lauren Brill
    Lauren Brill joins Jennifer to openly discuss a secret she had kept for many years— being drugged and sexually assaulted by two strangers when she was a teenager. Lauren’s episode is dedicated to women keeping secrets like hers. Now she helps others find peace through an online platform where people post their own unsealed letters, share their own painful truths, and find a community of support and strength.
  3. Breaking the Secrets and the Silence, with Susan Warner Taylor
    Susan Warner Taylor could always feel something was “off” in her life. Finally, she was stunned to learn the unbelievable truth that her maternal grandfather had sexually abused not only her, but her mother and her mother’s sisters. How does one overcome this trauma? Susan shares the light that led her through these dark experiences. Listen to Susan’s episode here.
  4. Bringing Truth to Light: Confronting & Coping with Family Sexual Abuse, with Madonna Savage-Phillips
    Madonna Savage-Phillips feared how her siblings would react after she told them her father had sexually abused her while their mother stood by. Since she spoke her truth, her life has not been easy. However, she has found strength and motivation to help others, and for that we are thankful. Listen to Madonna’s episode here.
  5. 3 Journeys. 3 Voices. 1 Mission to Continue the Conversation on Sexual Assault, with Amy Stack, Laura Steinbrink and Jennifer Malcolm
    In this podcast episode, past guests Amy Stack and Laura Steinbrink return to have a conversation with Jennifer about the positive impact their individual episodes had on one another. They discuss what they were able to take away from each other’s sexual assault stories and how they will continue to use their platforms to help other women heal.

We hope that by sharing these stories we’ve made a difference in the lives of those who have experienced sexual assault. If you feel compelled to share your own story within a safe, non-judgemental space, please contact us at Jennasis Speaks. 

For additional resources and support, please visit National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)or Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN).

Jennasis Speaks is a platform that empowers women to safely share their stories, promoting healing and growth through the power of collective vulnerability and acceptance. Believing that “every woman has a story…and every story matters,” founder Jennifer Malcolm hosts a new guest each week to tell her story on the Jennasis Speaks podcast and invites listeners to connect and find their own paths to passion and purpose.

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