New Podcast “Jennasis Speaks” Seeks to Empower Women’s Voices and Choices

In both their personal and professional lives, women juggle many roles on a daily basis. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, boss, mentor — just to name a few. For many of us, we’ve lost sight of just how many roles we’re filling, and often, which of them we actually want or have asked to fill.

This is the point Jennifer Malcolm found herself in about a decade ago, and a point she’s since learned to recognize in others. Her own story as a mother and serial entrepreneur has been driven by her desire to overcome devastating trauma and obstacles to have it all: a family she could nurture, a thriving career, and a driving purpose to live a life of passion and intention. 

Her experiences in doing so have enabled her to build authentic relationships with other women and to help connect and inspire them to find their own paths to passion and purpose. Looking to bring this inspiration to women on a larger scale, Jennifer created the podcast “Jennasis Speaks: The Transformative Power of Women’s Stories.”

She shares her own story and passion behind the podcast in the first episode.

Redefining a woman’s role

A former science teacher, Jennifer was home raising three young children when she was faced with a difficult divorce. The resulting upheaval 10 years ago brought about the dilemma of how to balance finding and fielding a job with her familial roles. 

She decided to rethink what she truly wanted out of life. What roles were most important to her? Which did she actually want or ask for? Which did she not?

Even as she gradually found her own voice to come up with answers, she had to ask the most pressing question of them all: Could she find a way to “have it all,” a rewarding career that would pay the bills while also providing the flexibility to be there for her kids?

Determined to find a fine balance between the roles she wanted rather than choosing between them, she got down to business… literally. Jennifer built a successful hustle as a virtual assistant, taking on whatever tasks she could — even walking a client’s dog — so that she could work out of her home to care for her children.

She continued to hone what she wanted out of her professional roles, growing and evolving her business into what it is today.

As the Founder and CEO of virtual digital marketing agency Jennasis & Associates, Jennifer now employs a team of more than 30 remote employees, led by an all-woman executive team. She’s realized her passion in helping others — particularly women — realize their own work-life balance goals, providing a remote operating structure that gives team members the flexibility to work where and when suits them and the needs of their families.

Every woman has a story…and every story matters

As Jennifer’s business has flourished, so has her desire to build supportive connections with women to help them to find their own voices and make more empowered choices.

She is passionate that every woman has a story…and every story matters.

Such stories are the essence of who we are, Jennifer says. They have the power to unite people across all divides — such as age, race, gender, and sexual orientation, and geography — through compassionate connection.

“I created Jennasis Speaks to be a platform that empowers women to safely share their stories, promoting healing and growth through the power of collective vulnerability and acceptance,” she says. “I invite you to subscribe to the podcast to join this community and share in a raw, authentic story each week from women of all walks of life, beginning with my own.”

It’s her hope that in doing so, you begin to think through your own roles — and build the life balance that feels right for you.

Do you want to become part of the Jennasis Speaks movement? Click here to start your journey with the first podcast episode “New Beginnings and the Why,” featuring Jennifer Malcolm and guest co-host Kelly Waite.

Jennasis Speaks is a platform that empowers women to safely share their stories, promoting healing and growth through the power of collective vulnerability and acceptance. Believing that “Every woman has a story… and every story matters,” founder Jennifer Malcolm hosts a new guest each week to tell her story on the Jennasis Speaks podcast—and invites listeners to connect to help find their own paths to passion and purpose.

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